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Chinese Drywall Class Action Settlements
This is the official court-approved website for Chinese Drywall Class Action Settlements

Settlements have been reached in multiple class action lawsuits involving drywall imported to the U.S. from China. The Class Actions claim that Chinese Drywall caused property damage and personal injuries.
Judge Fallon in MDL 2047 has approved five Class Action Settlements.  The five Class Action Settlements are with:
(1) In Ex - Interior Exterior Building Supply, LP and its insurers;
(2) Banner - the Banner entities and their insurers;
(3) L&W - the L&W Supply Corporation and USG Corporation;
(4) Knauf Defendants; and
(5) The Global Settlement - 700 additional Participating Builders, Suppliers, and Installers and their Participating Insurers.

Click here for a list of Participating Defendants.  Click here for a list of Participating Insurers.

The deadline to register to participate in a Settlement has passed.  If you did not register by July 8, 2013 you cannot file a claim related to these Settlements.  Judge Fallon also directed that the Claims Administrator begin accepting Claim Forms on May 27, 2013.  In accordance with the Court's directive, Claim Forms are now available for online and hard copy submission at  The deadline to file all claims with the Claims Administrator is September 30, 2013.

                      Click here to file a claim.

Four additional Settlements, which mainly affect residents of Virginia, have not yet received final approval from the Court.  Class Members have until May 16, 2013 to act on their rights.  If the Court grants final approval of these Settlements, eligible Class Members will be given an opportunity to submit a claim form to potentially receive benefits.  Click here for more information about these Settlements.








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